25 March 2014

Silhouette of the Past!

“Will you be home this afternoon?”-  The text blinked on my phone. This was the fifth time she asked the same question in a week and I did not have a positive reply. How could I? I was busy with my table tennis practice for the upcoming tournament. Table Tennis is my second love after Akansha. But this time nature also took her side. The morning had been gloomy and it was raining all through. I was going to miss out on the day’s practice. So, I finally had something good to reply after a month’s carelessness.

“Yes honey! Come over for a coffee”- I replied.  Seems a different me right? Breaking the walls of shyness and overcoming the self-seeking crowd of the city, it has been a new me, over the year. The girl had a lot to contribute, or the most I must say. I felt sorry each time I had to offer her a NO for an answer. But even after all these things, she did not stop loving me. How could I forget those moments when she used to stay over phone the whole night and prepare with me for the exams; the days when she did not go to a party and came over to my place just because I had nothing to do?  But for the past few days, she had been a bit silent. May be because, I had a little time for her. But finally I had a whole day to spend with her and sort out things, say sorry, and do whatever it needed to make her smile again.

The doorbell rang. I jumped off the bed to open the door and there she was! I was seeing her after almost a month. We hugged; she smiled and entered into the room. She handed over a gift box. It was a table tennis bat. She said – “play with it throughout the tournament”. Oh God! Even if she did not tell me, I was definitely going to play with that. I was very happy, hugged her again, and kissed her. But somewhere I felt a sense of unrest on her face. Not caring much, I went into the kitchen for coffee and snacks. Living alone at a place teaches you two things for sure- building a creative mind out of boredom and good coffee/tea brewer. Thankfully I had a girlfriend so I could not try my hand at the former but was very good at the latter. Anyway, I had made us coffee, sat at the balcony and started talking to each other. It was dusk but I still did not dare to ask her the reason of being upset. Suddenly breaking the silence she said “I had to say something to you”. Various thoughts crossed my mind at the blink of an eye. I replied “Yes! Tell me what it is”.
 She said “Sayantan called me a week before”.
“Sayantan? Who is he? “- I uttered out of total surprise. “My ex”- she said.

“You have an ex? I mean, it is no unusual to have an ex, but you did not tell me before”. It has been a year with her and I know almost everything but this, about her.  

“I never wanted to”- she said. I already knew the perks of having an ex but still kept myself calm and tried to figure out what exactly she was trying to say. Was she again in love with her ex? She wants to leave me? All these very usual thoughts came up.

“We were in a relationship for 4 years and then one day Sayantan broke up. I still could not decipher the reason. But according to my friends, my family and a little bit to me, I had to move on. But I joined college and found you on the very first day. You look just like him. Every time I looked at you, reminded me of Sayantan”.

“All these days, you were with me just because I look like him?”- I asked both myself and her. She had no answer. Stood silent with her head down. She hugged me and started weeping. Everything was in doldrums, but I tried to solace myself, took her inside the room and asked her not to cry. “I am really sorry”- she stated this line repeatedly.

“So you are going to leave me now, right?”-I asked her with a heavy heart.

She looked up to me and said- “No! Never! How can I do that? All these days I have been in love with you. I love you Sayantan. I really love you.”

“Anupam. My name is Anupam”- I replied with tears rolling down my cheeks! 

# What hs happened before? - Click here


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  2. good work dude! :)

  3. I wish this is just a story. :P
    Well, jokes apart, this is very nicely written. Keep going. :)

  4. Thanx Man! :) and this is just a story.. :P all characters are fictitious and hold no resemblance to reality :D :P

  5. Hi RB!!! :)

    This the first time I am visiting your blog...and to be greeted by such an intense story :D I am impressed... loved the way you portrayed your characters. A nice touch of the realistic...how messed up our lives can be sometimes... :))

    Keep up the good work. I'll keep visiting your blog, henceforth :D

  6. My pleasure Mia Di!! :) :) Thank Yooh! :D

  7. Awesome.. Loved it.. Gripping and great emotional content.. Keep blogging..

  8. ram,you have done a wonderful job!!luvd it !!

  9. Alas! Atleast i got one sensible story about complication of relationships. This is the thing appears in real life.
    Loved it.

  10. Ankan Chakraborty21 August 2014 at 23:02

    Good work bro !! :)

  11. Deetipriya Das Gupta26 December 2014 at 22:50

    good work :)


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