10 February 2014

Perfectly Average!!

When I come across names of great personalities viz. Sachin Tendulkar, Ustaad Zakir Hussain, quite often I tell myself "What did I do special in my life? Why cant I be a person, who is an icon for the country?" As the fire of motivation is just about to ignite..I end up saying myself that I ain't worth it or its too late to do something at this age. Recently I saw a movie "Ek main aur ek Tuu". I know most of you have seen this before. You must be thinking why haven't I seen this before. I am not a Hindi movie buff. But still manage to see a few good ones. This wasn't such a great movie but while watching it, I came across a phrase "perfectly average" which really touched me.

Why do we always have to copy or follow someone? Why can't we trust our in-built talents? I mean, yes Sachin Tendulkar is a great cricketer. There is no harm in accepting him as your role model. But why become a batsman AFTER watching him? Instead, we should follow the path of hard-work and determination he carried all through the journey of his career. I personally follow SRK as my role model. But I never crave to be an actor like him. We all are gifted somehow. Just think, most of us can do a lot of good things like we can play, we can write well, we can paint, we can sing, and many more! Can Sachin Tendulkar or Shahrukh Khan do all these things in a single day? That is where our talent lies. We are perfectly average! We need to nurture these latent talents. We should not stop looking for and working on things that we like. And someday we will definitely find something that can take us to heights.




  1. Can totally relate to it.. :) neatly writn..

  2. Mr perfect... well said...☺☺

  3. I have a problem with the phrase " perfectly average "... If average, it can't be perfect... And to achieve perfectness is humanly not possible... So what we can do is just pull the average qualities in us a bit and try to be above average... and I completely relate to ur thought other than the phrase... :-)

  4. SUPERLIKE DUDE...but there is noyhing like "perfectly avarage"..dere is nothin is perfect ..as we always tryin to make it perfect..and being avarage thats not nearer to perfect..

  5. i like the way you use the phrase 'perfectly average'...it might sound like an oxymoron but i believe that yes, one can strive to be perfect at anything, be it 'being average' and also i feel that the word 'average' is unnecessarily used in a pessimistic way average may also be another word for balanced, and its a huge thing to be perfectly balanced.
    btw, its good to know that there are also great things to be learnt from "average" movies! ;)
    nice work... keep it up :)

    1. Pleased to know that!! And I like it even more the way you use the word 'average' :)

  6. Resonated with my thoughts. However I used the phrase "Fashionably Average", "Perfect" is too superlative a term for this as well ... :P
    Anyway, it feels good to come across your blog. Continue blogging. God bless you.

  7. Extremely Glad!! :) Keep visiting..take care!

  8. Yes thats the way I think. What I call is 'Uniqueness' that everyone of us has. We just need to hone it, and we will be no less than special. :)

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  9. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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