27 February 2014

3 things that inspires me about Sachin!!

"Life is short. Live your own life. Dream big"- this has been a line which has inspired almost everyone out there. But sadly only few people achieve this height. Sachin Tendulkar being one of these great personality, has inspired me in a thousand way. Time, being a factor will try to discuss just three of them.

"Live life my way" has been the first and foremost thing Sachin has truly inspired me about. I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur.Rather a successful one. Curbing out the hardships and reaching the destination has been, in true sense a part of inspiration from Sachin.

Second thing that has been an important of all the thousand inspirations, is love the work you do. As long we love our work, it wont be called a 'work'.And eventually we will reach the top before we even know we did! Thats a very important thing to learn from Sachin.

And last but not the least, Mr.Rishi Piparaiya just showed us a bat signed personally by Sachin. Funny it may seem but it has definitely inspired me to wrap this short but robust collection of lines! And believe me, I just loved it! Refer to the 3rd paragraph for more ;)

Thank You



  1. Hey dat's wonderfully written! By makin readers refer to 3rd para u hv told us u "love blogging"! Nw dats clever way of putting it! Keep it up!


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