13 June 2014

The 'EX' Factor!

‘Let it be X’- the phrase that we are very acquainted with. Now let’s just put an E before the letter X and boom! It becomes one of the deadliest words on this earth. If you are a normal guy and like being ‘sexually’ attached to a girl (may be or may not be normal), then yes, you are a bound to breed your ‘EX’ factor even at least for once in your life (keeping the exceptions aside).

The other day, I was thinking about my ex (the latest one). For those who know me very well, it may sound irrational, but I am being eccentrically conventional. The questions that crossed my mind were “Shall I stay in touch with my Ex?”, “Is She thinking about me too?” etc. Obvious though these questions might seem, the answers are still a mystery. Even the questions that appeared in my semesters seemed less tricky.

Though my case is as clear as mud, but still I came up with few things about why you SHOULD keep in touch with your EX.

  • Finding it difficult to move on? Still thinking about your EX? It might not be that you do not want to move on, but your options are limited. So it is time to go back to your EX until you find your NEXT.
  • Even if you find your new home, may be your EX is still prettier and hot. So don’t mind getting back to her.
  • Someday while walking down the street you suddenly bump into your EX. It is natural to get confused about what to do. What to do? Be in touch with your EX and better avoid this point.
  • Afraid of your EX moving on without you? How about getting back to her and making her life a bit worse?
  • It is not unusual that you get a bad day while choosing which dress to wear for a party. Well, your EX might not be a Fashion College pass-out but still can be handy. 
  • If you keep your EX as a friend, what you are really doing is keeping them as a reserve like an ‘insurance policy’(conditions applied).
  • After you break up, it's time for gift returning ceremony. "The Xbox DVD she gave me on my last birthday?- Do i need to return that? Are you kidding me? " KEEP CALM and STAY in TOUCH with your EX! 
  • In case it is you who dumped her, keep in touch with her to get rid of violent and ridiculous SMS as in:
    “ I know you have decided not to get back to me anymore. That’s ok. I don’t want that either. But I wish you get the same treatment very soon. And thank you for doing it to me before it grew even more serious” 

So What have you decided? ;) 

Disclaimer: Dear readers, please excuse me if I made any sense in this post. In case you are thinking that I am mentally retarded, I just tried my hand at writing a non sensible post.


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! U hav js banged on all the points trst me!!!!!!!!!!!!! A realy enjoyable read!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. hilarious but awesome!!! :D

  3. Thatswhy i like u...ahem..ur writings...somehow it matches my wavelength...nd so u r such a good frnd..;-)

  4. Replies
    1. But do not take it seriously! ;) The post you read here is fictitious and holds no resemblance to real life! :P

  5. My blogger is really frustrating me tonight!! :-/ I just lost an entire post :-/
    Anyway...getting back to you. Really good attempt at humor. It is funny to annoy the living daylights out of your ex...but we all move on at some point. Some sooner than others.
    Keep writing, kid. Will see you soon :-)

  6. Yesh but do prefer staying in touch at some point! :P Or my hard work with Mr. Blogger will be in vain! :D

  7. Use your heart only for pumping blood.... ;)

  8. Ex Expert :) .. easy to solve if you can catch X at proper place and time :)

  9. Seems like you are contradicting pt 3 above :D lol just kidding! Thanks Sangita Di for visiting my blog and commenting for the first time! :)

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Full of contradictions - your blog post is exactly how one's mind functions with regard to the ex. The pendulum swings from love and regret to hate and gratitude. Excellent.

    1. Pleasure! :) Keep visiting. Reviews are so very important! :)

  12. It can be very helpful if one remembers those points.. lol XD

  13. I myself forget these points. So i planned to write it down on my blog. :P

  14. haha.good one. made me cringe though!! :P


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