25 February 2014

Thot u won't ever ask!!!

                 You hate even your favorite tune when its rings at 7 am in the morning and forces you to wake up. The same happened when I had to wake up just like any other day and swim alone in the ocean of people. The new city, the roads, the crowds were no less than a horror movie. The  idea of going to college alone, talking to a stranger used to haunt me every single moment. I already had booked a seat at the last row and used to play with my loneliness while sometimes pretending to listen to the lectures.
It was the 5th day, when I ran into a girl in my class. Actually, I did not run into! Just saw her in the midst of 60 other complete strangers. For the first time, I wished to talk to a stranger. But HOW? 'Dr.Gut' still did not approve my application! Well, you always have a choice. As I am doing now, I did the same. I wrote what I had to say. Not to everyone this time. Just her! “Hello” was the only thing I wrote on a paper and passed onto her desk. I was shit scared of what was going to come from her side. But even more, when she seemed to ignore the fact that just happened. She did not reply! L
“Can I sit here?”- I heard a voice behind me the next day. It was her! Before I could say something, she considered the answer to be ‘yes’ and sat beside me. Believe me, I did not panic this much even on the day of my boards! Few minutes had already passed, I could not even look at her for once. Suddenly she passed a piece of paper onto me. Unfolding it displayed the words “Hi…I am Akansha”. It was a bolt from the blue. Fumbling upon what to do. I decided to write again. Flipped the paper, wrote “Hey…I am Anupam” – passed it to her. And thereafter the introduction session was totally paper-based.
Went back to my place. I was already in la-la land! More to it was a friend request from her when I logged into my Facebook. We are always delighted to see a friend request rather than a notification! Isn’t that so? So that was the beginning of the ‘iBT’- internet based texting!

Akansha : Hey there! See you at college 2morow!

Me: Cya too! Gnyt. J

I went on to visit her profile like an F.B.I officer and kept on checking her pictures and fantasizing about the same. Yes! I did. Flipping through her pictures, I saw her with a guy. Not only one but 5-6 pictures of the same guy posing with her. Well, the night had passed. The next day was Sunday. I had planned to sleep for at least 12 hours. But could not. Her Facebook text flashed on my cellphone. I woke up. Sipping on a cup of tea, I replied “hey..Good morning! “
Akansha : Hey, good mrng! How are u doing?

Me : Going good.

Akansha : Wanna meet my frnz today? We r goin to hangout at the park.

Me(again fumbling to decide): ummm….ya sure! Y not.

Akansha : Cool! Meet me at the park by the college by 5pm.

Like a good boy, I reached on time! She introduced me to all her buddies. And finally came a guy. It was the same guy I saw her in the pictures last night. She screamed at him “why are you so late?”. The guy replied “Oh sorry baby. You know how the city jam is” She introduced me to the guy. “He is Ishaan. My closest buddy”. ‘Buddy?’- I uttered aloud in my mind. Girls generally use ‘buddy’  to play on the safe side! My heart was already half-broken! The only thing that revolved around my head was “what actually is the relationship between the 2 guys? “. Days passed but I couldn't muster up the courage to ask her the question.
It was the final day of the internal exam week. That evening she pinged me and said “ hey u know, Ishaan is throwin us a party tonyt! He wants to share somethin special with me!”. Oh no man! It can’t be! I said to myself out of complete dejection. How come a ‘buddy’ he is?

Akansha : U wanna join us?

Me : ummm..actually I had a few works to complete. I am sorry! :L

Akansha : okz! No worries. Cya later then!

Me : Sure. Gnyt!

The next day she did not come to college. I could not wonder what had happened! I pinged her from my cellphone. “Why dint u come to college today?”.

Akansha : Actually am too tired of last nyt’s party!

Me : Okay! How was it btw?

Akansha : Oh Man! It was too good. Guess what happened?

“Obviously your ‘closest buddy’ shared ‘something special’ with you”- I snarled at her in my mind.

Me : What?

Akansha : Ishaan introduced me to his girlfriend!

Whaaat??? I mean..seriously?? My lips had already taken a fine curve. Now, I felt like a Superman, gathered all courage and asked her- “Can I ask u out tonight? “. She did not reply for an hour. From Superman, I again returned to my normal being! She did not reply that night. I re-pinged but no answer came from her side. I could not sleep that night. Went to college the next day hoping everything to be alright.  She came out of nowhere and called me from behind my back. I turned around. She was looking at me with an angry face just about to burst! “Check your Facebook”- her not-very-usual voice traversed my ears. I wasn’t even aware of the fact that my phone beeped! I opened my Facebook. What she texted was  a happy accident for me. She wrote-

                                                             “ I thot U wont ever ask!!! J


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  2. I really liked the way you depicted the instances that too frequently happen in college. The account you wrote here was so crisp, and easy to go down inside everyone. I would like to read more from you. :)


    1. I will write more :) and thank you for ur precious comments. it means a lot :) take care!

  3. Its worth reading..such a sweet nd innocent clg luv story :)

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  5. it was literally AWESOME,i was lost in it and i am literally craving for the "to be contd.." portion

    1. Glad! Will surely write about the 'to be contd' part! :)

  6. i felt i was reading my best author's(chetan bhagat) new book...damn !!!it was fuckin hot and awesum.waitin for the next part..

    1. My pleasure Sayantan! :) Will surely work on it!

  7. after reading i felt this came straight from the writer's heart :) good one!

  8. Nice one Ram (y) ��


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