13 February 2014

Laidback Jack

Today most of us believe in being a lazy bone and carry a 'do nothing' attitude! I myself, being a part of this evolutionary trend do nothing but watch television, surf the internet, and fiddle with my cellphone and the Xbox. Few weeks back some of my close mates came over to my place. It is indeed a rejoice to see your buddies after a long time since you left them at the final year of your college. We had beers to our heart's content. And here's what I penned eventually..my first poetry. 

It was life in school
Where study was the golden rule
But they never tried
To know the real McCoy
All I wanna say is
All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy

But hey, who cares now
Coz it feels good to disavow
Doze off at 3, wake up at 10
Play Max Payne and do it again
All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy

Fogs around me everywhere
Nose flooded by bitter stench
“A bone to pick”, I barely care
Only a bad egg in need of a chunk o’ change

 But still I love the cloy
All Work and No Play makes Jack a dull boy

And the best part is that one of my school friend, who plays in a band named Nakshatra found it very interesting to compose a song out of this lyrics. Soon they will be releasing the same! I'm really looking forward to it. Hope it does well :)


  1. Indeed! All work no fun will make us dull. :D
    Kudos to your first poetry.


  2. It's amazing :))

    You have actually told the story like it is - how we are lazy and do nothing constructive throughout the day at times. Isn't that just sad?

    Congratulations for your poem becoming lyrics :)) I am sure it will do well.

    Keep writing, RB :))

  3. Sad? :P Well, i guess the writer is proud of it! :P Anyway, thankyooh AB :) Keep visiting!

  4. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!


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