19 May 2014

Baari Tar Bangla!!!

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”- this is quite familiar with people hanging around at CCD. But for very few this line holds good. I am one of those ‘very few’. It was one random day when I was with Anirban Da discussing about Kolkata Bloggers. We were scheduled to meet Kamanasish Da, and that is when and where he told us about the “BAARI TAR BANGLA” bloggers engagement program. We were asked to pick some 20 good bloggers, or rather just say web journalists from the Kolkata Bloggers to be present on the day of the promotional event.

The movie was set to release on the same day when the Lok Sabah Election Results were out.  The reason behind this was the movie being a political satire. Before I go into the details of the event, for those who haven’t yet seen the movie, I’ll tell you the synopsis of the same.

Roopchand Sen, (Saswata Chatterjee) a man of around 40, suddenly discovers that he cannot write anything in Bangla (Bengali language) any more. Desperate to regain his abilities to write in Bangla, he goes to a psychiatrist (Raima Sen). Tests show that he does not seem to have any physiological problems that may cause any disability. It turns out to be a psychological problem. Then how does Roopchand get his ability back to write again? That is all the movie is about. It is a fun filled story with lots of witty one liner that are sure to catch the viewer’s eye.

Now for the best part, it all started with great anticipation, for it was going to be an all new experience for me. Nervousness was also a part of it. But again the environment was quite comfortable and homely till the end. We, the bloggers could ask questions to them. So I managed to ask Saswata and Satrajit few questions.  

Me: Nomoshkar, ami Bob Biswas…..noi!
Saswata: “Bissas koro amio na!! “ [laughs]
Me: Among the three great characters- Bob Biswas, The Doctor in Rang Milanti and Roopchand in Baari Tar Bangla, which do you feel was most challenging and why?
Saswata: “Shob gloi amar nijer shontan. 3te shontan er moddhe konta valo seta bola ta khub chaap er. 3te character e amar kache khub priyo.” (All three are like my children. Choosing the best child, among the three is a very difficult thing to do. All three are very close to my heart.)
Me: We see a lot of Bollywood and Tollywood movies. Some come up with good concepts and some with pure entertainment. But this Movie has both good concept and entertainment. So why don’t we see this kind of movies in big picture. Or when will we see this kind of movies at National level?
Satrajit Sen(of Tripod Entertainment): “When you will go watch the movie and tell your friends to watch it too. Actually amader screening hoi 40 screens e. R Dabbang screen hoi around 6000 screen e.(We screen our movie in 40 places. Whereas Dabbang is screened on 6000 screens) This is the ratio. We still have miles to go but asha kori amra jete parbo. (Hope we can reach there).

All along they went on sharing their experiences on the set, their views on the movie, how they went on here and there to find perfect places, and how ‘matha r ghaam pa-e fele’(worked tirelessly) they completed this project. The Director is gifted with ability to give birth to crazy and hilarious one liner instantly and he explained how Saswata was just the prefect actor to execute them. And then there came the Gorgeous Raima Sen who with her presence had kept me bedazzled till the very end. We even got to know that when Raima has had her solo shoot, Saswata was not allowed in that floor because of his mischievous looks. Everything was just so delightful.

Interacting, receiving autographs, taking solo pictures with them made my day. But the most important was the circle of people I was with the whole evening. I shall forever be indebted to people like Anirban Saha, Kamanasish Roy, Sayon Kumar Saha and many more for this grand evening they gifted me with.

"Baari Tar Bangla, Ki movie koreche pagla" 

Kolkata Bloggers is an attempt to promote blogging and original content creation. The project is still in its infancy. Perhaps our first step was the blogger engagement program conducted by the "Baari Tar Bangla" web team. Do checkout our Facebook page here to discover some wonderful writing and photography from the youth of Kolkata. 

Photo Courtesy: Anirban Saha| www.anirbansaha.com
                          Sayon Kumar Saha| www.sayonkumarsaha.com


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