10 May 2014

11 Google Apps That Has Changed or Will Change Our Lives.

When it comes to education and learning, it is not only the books but also technology that keeps you on apace. So the questions follow- Are we aware of the rapid growth of technologies around us? Do we know how to make most use of these technologies to enhance our skills? Talking beyond college and school, do we know what might be a handy tool for our business to prosper? If these questions have bothered you ever even for once, then getting a picture of Google Apps might be the most organized answer.

For those who want to see their college/school/business life Go Google, here is a list of Google Apps that already has or will definitely change our lives. 

1. Gmail:  Email from anywhere, anytime. It works on computer and mobile devices. Has a storage capacity of 30GB. Not only mails, you can connect to people via voice and video chats too. Update and sync your contacts, see their profile picture, recent updates, shared documents etc. 

2. Drive: Share your files, folders, etc. from your computer to cloud. Updates are automatically saved on your drive. Has a free storage of 30GB. For additional spaces the prices are as low as $4month for 20GB. In Docs you can create documents, equations, graphs, gather inputs, do market research, get valuable customer feedback. In Sheets you can store data, view pie charts, use advanced formulas, pivot tables for detailed and intensive research and analysis.

3. Sites: Build websites without knowing coding. It has many pre-built template which makes is easier for you to give a nice look to your website. It is easy to organize the data. Sharing is even easier in just a click of a button.

4. Google+: Probably the best platform for your business to market. Share your links, posts etc. You can start or join High Definition online meetings on computers and mobile devices from anywhere, share private data with your organization. 

5. AdSense: Want to monetize your site? Put ad banners on your site that are targeted to your content and audience. Earn money on per-click or per-impression basis. 

6. Wallet: Store your credit card, debit card, loyalty cards etc. here! More secure, fast and convenient payment in just a click. Works on most android, IPhone, and tablets. It is even integrated with Gmail which means you can pay through Gmail attachments.

7. Analytics: Get detailed insight of your website/blog traffic, their sources, age, preferences, which customer segment is more valuable, where do they come from, for how long they stay and many more.

8. Quick Office: Create and edit your MS Office files from anywhere. Works on all devices. It is automatically connected to Google Drive so that while you create, edit and share, everything gets stored in your cloud drive.

9. Vault: Lets your retain, archive, search and export your company’s email according to your need. You can place legal holds on users to preserve their emails, chat records and other contents. eDiscovery lets you find relevant data from the archives. You can buy Vault license for $5 per month.

10. Blogger: Create and blog and jot down anything and everything that come across your mind. It is said that bloggers are the 5th pillar of a Democracy. Blogging helps you grow self-confidence, makes you a better writer, helps you find readers and befriend them, connect to various people etc. It even allows earning money by putting AdSense on your blog.

11. Calendar: You can organize your days, week, months and get reminders on your devices. You can even attach the needful to the reminder to help you have them on the day. Create web calendars and let your viewers and customers choose their best time for appointment.


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