6 September 2014

Back to School...err B-school!

Some of us are done with college; some are yet to find our footing. For me it is neither black nor white, rather shades of grey. I am in the last phase of my education or college life unless my parents become  maniacal and ask me to study more.
I got admitted to IISWBM for my MBA. It was 7th of July. Yes, it has just been around 2 months.2 months was enough for me to witness events - thought provoking, fascinating and sometimes bewildering.

Searching for pretty faces in the crowd has always fascinated me. Luckily or unluckily, I already knew a few faces beforehand. Special thanks to Facebook and shopping malls. Anyway college life started well. Looking for niche was the first job. Tough job though, but soon I got people with whom I shared the same MHz. Thus I ended up boozing 9 times in this span of time. Boozing at pubs, my place, friend’s place, raising toasts- in one word- Perfect!!! But on a serious note, if I knew the syllabus was this huge, I wouldn't have opted for a b school. The teachers here vary stupendously. In some classes, if we are late by 5 minutes, we are not allowed to enter. Whereas one of them forgets almost everyday that he has a class to take.

We had our Freshers' few days back. The ritual of Freshers' here is quite unique and fun. Each one of us was assigned a senior. The first job was to find the respective senior and then impress him/her. Why impress? For otherwise you wouldn't get your entry pass for the fresher’s day, which again had a dress code written on that.  I had to sing and cook for my senior. Good for me that she was quite impressed. So what did I get as my dress code for the day? It was Captain Jack Sparrow. Oh yes, what happened on that day? That will be a different post. But I was awarded the title of Mr. Flirt of my batch which is a different controversy altogether. ;)  

All this fun would not have been possible, if I had not found some awesome persons in this college. Both my batch and the senior batch had some wonderful persons to gift me as my friends. Naming them will be a tough job because there are so many.  It’s bizarre how fast a life can change. Two months into it, and I am already experiencing one of the best phases of my life.


  1. Really nice Ramashish.... :) Every experiences are unique and individualistic, but somewhere down the line, I share some of the similar experiences, in this B-school, sometimes, varying drastically (when it comes to role playing of Capt. Jack Sparrow and Manmohan Singh -_- ) But anyhow, it was nice and interesting fact, good to read....especially, when it comes to describing teachers with 'Hail Hitler' attitude and the one suffering from amnesia :P
    If possible and can still remember then, I will read this same blog on the last day of leaving the institute :)
    Thanks a lot :)

  2. wonderful !! :) :) keep sharing our clg memories :) :)

  3. Our school and college days are the most priceless gifts.

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